Consulting department

    Balion Consulting is a department of Balion Group LLC which provides advices about Law and Business or Management.

    The goal of our program is to create a catastrophe-resilient organization. We work with your leadership team to define cost benefits and deliver value without intrusion or interruption to operations.

    Our experts will help you to avoid all the problems you face in your business and to increase resiliency by properly allocating resources, assists in managing brand and image, and hedges operations toward success and meeting long-term organizational objectives.

    We empower results for clients by using proprietary data and analytics to deliver insights that reduce volatility and improve performance.

    Our unmatched experience and expertise provides Aon the ability to deliver end-to-end Business and Law consulting services and practical, customized solutions that fit with client culture and business objectives.

    We’re not content just to create me-too products that make incremental change; we specialize in helping companies achieve the seemingly impossible. We work with some of the world’s largest blue-chip companies as well as with some of the smallest, innovative start-ups who want to change the status quo fast.

    Our services for Law Consulting:
  • Civil affairs:
    • - Preparation of protests against lawsuits, appeals, cassation complaints, appeals, petitions, petitions, appeals, appeals;
    • - Representation at the first instance, appellate and cassation instance;
    • - Preparing and sending a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights;
    • - Preparation and sending of a complaint to the Constitutional Court;
    • - Representation in relevant state bodies related to the exercise of rights and restoration of violated rights of clients;
    • - All types of legal entities (commercial and non-commercial), state registration, cancellation, reorganization (merger, division, separation, joining and transformation) and future activities (preparation of applications and orders on employment of employees, Preparation, registration of employment contracts in the electronic information system, preparation of internal rules, etc.);
    • - Legal regulation;
    • - Establishment and registration of branches and representative offices of all types of legal entities (commercial and non-commercial);
    • - Preparation of amendments and additions to the constituent documents and state registration;
    • - legal expertise of decisions and actions of tax authorities;
    • - Legal representation of interests of organizations when tax inspections exist;
    • - Solving tax disputes outside the court or court;
    • - Settlement of tax disputes in court (illegal counting and cancellation of acts of tax authorities), reimbursement of already paid taxes and deductions;
    • - Protection of entrepreneurs' rights;
    • - Protection of property and personal non-property rights, business reputation of clients;
    • - Regulation of contractual relations related to conclusion, execution of contracts, amendments to the contract and termination of the contract;
    • - Settlement of disputes on contractual relations;
    • - Preparation of contracts in English and Russian;
    • - Providing family law advice;
    • - Appeal to the court for obtaining aliment;
    • - Appeal to the court on the abolition of marriage and property division;
    • - Appeal to the court regarding the child's father or mother's stay;
    • - Settling disputes about relationships of the child's parents and close relatives with the child;
    • - Compilation of the marriage contract;
    • - Realization of state registration of rights on real estate (residential and non-residential);
  • Assistance in compiling documents for aliens:
    • - Permit for temporary residence;
    • - Work permit;
    • - Visa extension;
    • - Extension of temporary residence permits;
    • - Residence registration.
  • Criminal proceedings:
    • - Protection of the rights of victims and defendants;
    • - Preparation of appellate and cassation appeals, protests, petitions;
    • - Representation at the first instance, appellate instance and cassation instance;
    • - Preparation of civil claim and representation on civil claim.
  • Economic Disputes:
    • - Protection of rights of legal entities and entrepreneurs under economic disputes;
    • - Preparation and submission of plaintiffs, appeals complaints, cassation complaints, protests, petitions.
  • Representation in the relevant Administrative-Economic Courts, the Court of Appeal and Cassation.
  • Administrative disputes:
    • - Protection of the rights of persons under administrative disputes;
    • - Preparation and submission of plaintiffs, appeals complaints, cassation complaints, protests, petitions;
  • Representation in the relevant Administrative-Economic Courts, the Court of Appeal and Cassation:
    • - Representation in court on disputes arising during labor relations;
    • - Protection of rights on complaints and actions of state and non-governmental organs.
  • Our Services for Business Consulting:
  • Actuarial Risk Assessment.
  • Captive & Insurance Management.
  • Casualty Risk Control.
  • Client Treaties.
  • Corporate Investigative Solutions.
  • Enterprise Risk Management.
  • Environmental.
  • Errors & Omissions.
  • Private Risk Management.
  • Property Risk Control.
  • Project Management.
  • Technical Audit.
  • System integration.
  • Give us an opportunity to busy with your business failures or dilemmas and survive you trade!