Real Estate department

    Balion Real-estate team specialize in sale and lease of all types of properties: apartments, houses, land and commercial real-estate including offices, trade premises and warehouses.

    Our main goal is to provide you with a secure business and to provide you with the highest quality service in real estate sales. But with the right choices and accurate execution, we have been honored by our customers for over 13 years. Hundreds of customers have provided housing, commercial facilities and land plots, and today we offer you different options.

    Regardless of your choice, we guarantee the safety of your safety. It's your choice to co-operate with us, and our site will analyze the real estate market and help you make the right decision.

  • We can offer you the following services:
    • - All types of real estate purchase;
    • - Sale of all types of real estate;
    • - Legal support for purchase and sale;
    • - Real estate search for your request;
    • - Preparation of all documents for sale at the state level;
    • - Replacement, sale and purchase of interstate apartments;
    • - Purchase of housing through long-term loan.
  • We both sell and lend:
    • - Multi-room apartments;
    • - Private houses;
    • - Garden houses, villas;
    • - New building apartments;
    • - Apartment in an old buildings;
    • - Land plots;
    • - Trading facilities;
    • - Offices and restaurants.
  • Don’t think too much on how to sell your property faster, easily and paying less money. We suggest high quality service to our customers with our huge worker team.

    Get your immovable property sold or rented faster with our astute Real Estate team!