Recruitment department

There are lots of recruitment companies that are aimed to find candidates for the companies. But there is no any other company are trying to hire appropriate candidates like us.

Balion Recruiting is based in Azerbaijan for employers and job seekers. Our focus is to build long partnerships with our clients and to simplify the recruitment process rather than complicating it. The recruitment industry today demands much more than ever before and it is our mission to meet and exceed industry standards and expectations.

Balion Recruiting is run by a group of young, successful and creative professionals who studied and trained at high-ranking educational institutions and are very passionate about building a unique employment platform for both employers and job seekers.

We communicate with thousands of visitors and collect their personal information as well as professional profiles for supplying highly skilled specialists to companies.

Thousands of unique visitors a month visit and get necessary information about new job postings, career opportunities and career advice. Our mission is to contribute to the reduction of unemployment. Meanwhile to support students and graduates with career development.

We’re not interested to be the best; we’re interested in to do the best. Join to our huge family and find the best and suitable job for you!

If you want to get a good job for you write an e-mail or send your CV to our email: or bring your cv to our office at Rixard Zorge str., 8.

To get more information or further assistance call +994503206520.